Let’s face it, attitude is a choice! It is your choice, a decision you will make each minute of each day, and that decision is foundational to your success. For example, what attitude have you chosen as you read this blog?

You’ve heard it a million times – you get what you give, right?  If you are giving the world, your work, your colleagues and co-workers and everyone around you a smile, a positive attitude, a cheerful demeanor, a can-do mindset, that is most often what you will receive in response.  Your attitude can make a difference not only in your own day but in someone else’s as well.  Offering yourself as a source of magnetic positivity will only draw more positive people to you, which makes your personal and business day a joy. Without a positive attitude, it is difficult to engage in the passion you need to exude to really drive forward toward your goals.

But your external attitude is only part of the whole idea about attitude. Your internal attitude is perhaps even more important, as it programs your mind and your beliefs, impacting your creativity, your energy, your productivity, and your ability to be successful.  It invites people to want to help you and work with you. It builds teamwork. It replaces the dynamic of constantly complaining that can drag you and everyone around you down.

Are you self-programming with internal messages of doubt, fear, anger, or even depression about the current state of your business and personal life? By becoming more aware of your thoughts, you will likely notice how often they might be more negative than you had realized.  Check your thinking and monitor your thoughts and attitudes carefully, as they are creating in real time your human experience.

My grandfather Charlie understood these concepts very well and exercised his belief in a positive attitude, to his benefit. It was a big part of his approach to life and is also a cornerstone element in my own approach to life.  Just like a boomerang, what you send out comes directly back to you in many forms.  Why not choose a winning attitude, exude confidence and positivity, and choose and express thoughts that demonstrate to yourself and the world what you want and what you are about?

Before your foot touches the floor tomorrow, choose a winning attitude, feel it, believe and live it.  More than window dressing, your chosen attitude will become a part of the fabric of who you are. You will discover that your positive attitude is contagious, and your life will quickly change in ways that will surprise and excite you.