How is being aware of the suffering of others a facet of success in business and life? Why would my grandfather have advised me to be aware of this? It’s really quite simple.

In the words of Charlie, “If you do not live charitably, you will never be whole! Happiness depends on this.”  Wow, that is a big, big statement.

In nearly every religion or philosophy we find the idea that we should, we must extend charity to others.  Phrases such as, ‘It is better to give than to receive” spring to mind. Charlie himself gave living expression to what mattered most – the idea that charity begins at home but extends out to the rest of the world.  In fact, if you have monetary success but do not possess the compassion to share your wealth with others, even strangers, you have not achieved success in your personal life because you don’t possess the core of peace and happiness that opens our heart to compassionate acts. You will lack the core consciousness of community and of being part of the greater whole, which is also a foundational tenet of happiness. This is often a matter of energy and strongly impacts our ability to manifest in our lives and to create success and abundance.

Are you familiar with the term poverty consciousness? Poverty consciousness results when we fear to give others something we have because we believe there will never be more coming our way. We are currently surrounded by poverty consciousness as people are losing their jobs or making less in this time of COVID-19.  They fail to understand a core principle – that there is an unlimited amount of abundance available to all of us.  Just like air, there is enough for everyone, without limitation.  If I make a lot of money, this does not mean you will make less.  In fact, it means that the energy for making money is stirring, and is stirring for everyone.

But what creates the anxiety that feeds poverty consciousness?  One word – fear. We fear we will lack for something and that we must take something from somebody else or fail to share our bounty with friends or strangers because we will have an empty bucket that will never refilled. We believe the suffering of others is less important than our own financial well-being. Poverty consciousness fear can cause physical, emotional, and mental problems and can injure our health beyond repair.

What can replace that kind of deep fear?  Faith and trust in yourself, your Source, in your own training and experience, and the knowledge the true nature of the Universe is as an unlimited Source of everything.  When you embrace this belief, you will open the door to allow your unlimited flow of everything into your life. It’s up to you!