How many of us believe that success is a matter of birth or birth order, of luck, of ‘being in the right place at the right time,’ of geography, of having money in the first place, or for other people yet not for us? You might be surprised to learn that none of those factors are determinative of a successful life. Success is not a matter of geography or location, of being born into an already wealthy family, a matter of graduating from an Ivy League school, or even a matter of race or religion.  Here is the truth: anyone can choose success at any time.  Success is a matter of responsibility, which begins by making and owning your choices, and making an affirmative decision to choose your own personal success. This, coupled with ambition and determination, is the core recipe for success that you need. Sounds a bit simplistic, right? 

But success is more than money; it is about a life that brings you deep fulfillment and happiness. Before embarking on your own path of a successful life, decide what your own successful life will look like.  What is your own definition of success?  Is it a new luxury car, a mansion in the country, a closet full of custom-made suits, or a beautiful and lovely family to come home to each evening? Is it being a respected member of your profession, perhaps even a leader in your industry or community? Perhaps it is all of those things, and more! Whatever your visual or visceral definition of success, please know that the formula to obtain what gives your life meaning is the same, no matter what the end goal. And it begins by making a simple yet critical choice. 

And here is the best news of all:  success is not only a choice, but something that is actually easy to accomplish! You don’t need special or expensive tools.  Everything you need to plot your course to success is already inside you, waiting to spring into action.  Like the genie in the bottle, success is simply waiting for you to summon it forward in your life. 

If I had a single piece of ‘luck’ in my life that paved the way to my own success, it was to be born into a family where Haralambos Georgious Pistis – Charlie—was my grandfather. Charlie didn’t provide me a ‘starter’ sack of money to begin my life; instead, he gifted me with something far more important, and much more priceless.  He gave me his wisdom, the outcome of his experience and expertise. That wisdom was a core set of principles that provided me with a foundation for my own success and happiness, a set of ideas and values that have never failed me. He helped me to recognize my own unique talents.  He gave me a blueprint for how to live my life. But success is not a matter of birth or birth order, as I’ve stated above.  Charlie’s wisdom is both elemental and easy to apply, yet far more than folksy advice. My grandfather showed me how to build and live my life in harmony with who I truly am, and in respect for the world around me. He inspired me toward my owner personal greatness. But his mentorship was never meant for me alone.  More than a piece of luck, the lessons I learned from Charlie are meant for each of you, which is why I wrote this book.

Are you ready to be responsible for your own personal success?  Then let’s get started!