Your dreams actually give you purpose and a focal point, regardless that sometimes they feel unattainable. It makes our hard worthwhile, keeps us goal-oriented, and fuels our passion. But our dreams often require that we act as marathon runners, being willing to work steadily and continually toward something, working at a steady pace toward the finish line, which is the realization of our goals.

Let your dreams be your goals, no matter how unattainable they may seem. Dreams often seem like a mirage on a moveable horizon, however, unless you take action – small and large steps which move you toward what you really want. 

Let’s say you want to take a trip to Paris, but can’t afford a plane ticket, a hotel room or a good set of luggage. To move toward your goal, you might post photos of Paris around your home, spending a moment or two each day imagining yourself in the photo. You might scour the secondhand stores to invest in a piece or two of sturdy international luggage. You might even buy a book about how to experience 7 perfect days in Paris. In this way you are preparing to meet your dreams! You are placing your order with the Universe, so to speak, about what you want.  You might also set aside $20 a week – the approximate price of three lattes each week — and put that money into a special bank account for the sole purpose of paving the road to the fulfillment of your dream to visit Paris. Don’t be surprised then, if one day in the future, you open the newspaper only to find a sale on airfare to Paris – a ticket + hotel package!  You are likely ready to go – you have saved money, you already have just the right luggage, and you have pre-planned all the things you want to do during your time there?  Impossible?  Definitely NOT!  In fact, by continually moving in the direction of your dreams, you have simply built a lighted path to take you there. The sale on plane fare doesn’t take you by surprise; rather, you have situated yourself to take advantage of your dreams, which are being served up to you on a platter! You were committed to your goal, and now you are ready to reap the fruits of your dedication to your heart’s desire.

The key to moving toward the direction of your dreams is to be clear about what your dreams really are.  It’s interesting how often we can ask our friends what they really, really want out of life and they are unable to answer.  So often we also haven’t taken the time to discern what we really want – in business or in life – which makes it literally impossible for us to bring our dreams to fruition. You can’t focus on your dreams if you haven’t discovered what they are. Spend time each day thinking about what goals will bring you happiness and personal fulfillment. Consider journaling about those goals several times a week; make time in your schedule, perhaps even setting an appointment on your calendar to shut off the computer, shut off the phone, close the door, and give yourself the time and space you need to flesh out your dreams and what paths you can take to achieve them.

As Charlie often said, “There will be good days and bad days, but the secret is to never, ever stop trying. If you make it, you make it, and if you fail, you pick yourself up and try again.”